The grounds hold de spirits mon.

"Be careful of de spirits mon, dey lead ye to de greatest tings you'll ever see.. and de worst.." -To Fluttershy regarding the Love Book.

"Beware de voodoo." - An apparent catch phrase.

Zen'Kiki is a zebra living in the far corner of the Everfree Forest. He is hinted to be related to Zecora, but the two have yet to meet to confirm anything. Zen'Kiki is very spiritual and believes in several religions far separated from the city life of Ponyville. He was introduced as a wandering collector of strange and bizarre goods, one of which was a cursed book on wooing a potential love interest. He has since been invaluable to the main cast, as he is shown to be the only person to be able to actually damage the elusive Eterna Fabulous.

Depection in the seriesEdit

Zen'Kiki is a standard white and black zebra, wearing a tattered leather cloak on his back and sporting a dreadlock'd mane. He is noticably taller and ganglier than the usual pony, all adding up to his appearance. He is a mixture of common African witch doctor and spiritual guide, many markings lining his body only appear during rituals or some form of spirit form. Like Zecora, he can sometimes be seen with various bangles and bracelets, though his sport a green hue instead of gold.

He is first seen in the series as a strange customer in Fluttershy's Bakery, purchasing a pretty basic smoothie. Sexy Leotard and Boulder the Dragon are the first to speak to him about his backpack full of strange items. He is quick to inform them of his position as a collector of strange and haunted objects. Fluttershy notices his

Apple Bloom and Zen'Kiki, taking it slow near Sunnytown.

advertising of a strange book, and proceeds to use it to try and get Sara Shrapnel to fall for her, despite Zen'Kiki's warnings of expecting too much from the spirits. He would later return to Ponyville to help exorcise Fluttershy, and to defeat the attempts of Eterna Fabulous to possess and destroy her.

Zen'Kiki is seen afterwards in Everfree Forest, watching over Ponyville through his visions and dreams. He is later mentioned during Sara Shrapnel's trouble in 'Story of the Blanks', but is never seen. At the end of 'Rainbow Factory Part 2', he watches over Ponyville on the rooftop of the bakery, with the spirit of Dr. Mint watching along with him.